“Why Do we Need Bees” – Book Review by Declan Magee

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Book review – Why do we need Bees? by Katie Daynes
(reviewed by Declan Magee)

"Why do we need bees?"

“Why do we need bees?”

This is an attractive hard backed colourful book for 4 to 6 year olds – but see below.

The lift-the-flap format keeps young hands and minds interested and active, and the contents are accurate and informative.

However, not being the target audience, I sought advice from my grandchildren.

They all loved the book and found it very informative; the lift-the-flaps were deemed fun.

Rosaleen, aged 8, thought it was appropriate for her age and loved learning about the different types of bees.

Frank, aged 6, thought inside the beehive was great.

Ide, aged 4, surprised me with the amount of knowledge she had retained since I read it with her two months ago.

A definite popular hit with ages 4 to 8.

By Declan Magee, Sneem Beekeepers

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