Webinar Catalogue

You may have noticed our IBAclg Youtube channel has lost a lot of our previously recorded webinars from the last 3 years. Due to a technical error at the end of 2020, our Youtube Channel was deleted, worse still, the channel was just shy of the requirement of hours watched for it to be backed up and restorable. 90% of the content was lost.

Only a handful of webinars existed in raw or pre published form stored in other mediums, which have been restored to the channel along with any new webinars since Christmas.

We aim to recreate as much content as is possible, especially the subjects that may have regulatory significance. The board apologizes for this loss.

In order to prevent this from ever occurring again, a new backup procedure is now in place to store webinars separately to the YouTube channel.

If you have not seen any of our recordings from this year, they are now cataloged on this website, click here to view all webinar videos. We keep an updated list of our webinars on our Youtube channel.

Below you will find direct links to a number of varied topics:

Beehive Maintenance with Norman Robins.

“Better Bees in Ireland” with Dr Julia Jones.

Asian Hornet Practicalities by John De Carteret & Alistair Christie.

Bookkeeping for Beekeepers with Deirdre O’Keeffe.

Hive Monitoring Technology by ApisProtect.

Sociometry of the Hive with Dr Michael Smith.

“The Origins & Diversity of AMM in Ireland” by Prof Grace McCormack