Longford BKA Apiary

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Co Longford BKA Apiary

Longford Bees Longford

Co Longford Beekeepers Association has an apiary in Cullyfad, Co Longford.

The Apiary is used as an outdoor “classroom” to teach the craft of beekeeping.

Apiary demonstrations are arranged from time to time.

They are used to introduce people to bees and beekeeping.

Details of these demonstrations can be found on our Facebook page – Longford Beekeepers.

We lend all necessary equipment to those who come to try out beekeeping or who come on a regular basis to learn the skills. There is no need to bring any-thing with you, other than your wellies.

We form small groups who attend weekly until they have acquired sufficient skill to manage their own colony.

We do not abandon our new beekeepers at this stage.

We provide a limited mentoring service and answer queries by phone or email.

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