IBAclg Tree Week – by Colette O’Connell

Irish Beekeepers’ Association Tree Week 2021 – by Colette O’Connell

Colette O'Connell

Colette O’Connell

Each year, the Irish Beekeepers’ Association CLG, ever mindful of the beneficial role of trees for honey bees, arranges the supply of native Irish trees, donated by Coillte, to members around the country.  Affiliated associations on the ground ensure that the trees get to members and others in their localities.  These trees will benefit pollinators, honey bees, birds and other wildlife for many years to come, and provide a source of nectar, pollen and resin to bees.  Beekeepers fondly refer to these trees as “Bee friendly trees”!

This year, in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, beekeepers persevered.  Thanks to Coillte, Pat Neville, Pat Peters and beekeepers on the ground, Tree Week 2021 was celebrated in style, with 4,000 saplings being planted in celebration of Arbor day and National Tree Week; all done whilst maintaining social distancing.  

Special thanks to Henry and Annemarie, Coillte’s delivery couriers who ensured trees were delivered to regions around the country in time for Tree Week.

Trees provided by Coillte this year to the Irish Beekeepers’ Association CLG, included Oak, Italian Alder, Silver Birch, Common Birch, Blackthorn and Goat Willow.  

A huge thanks to Coillte and its team under Pat Neville and Pat Peters, who ensured the dispatch of the trees throughout the country, with Henry Murphy and Anne-Marie taking on deliveries.  This took incredible team effort on their part, and beekeepers nationally  acknowledge the dedication of Coillte for ensuring the trees were dispatched and subsequently planted, all in keeping with the Level 5 lock-down restrictions.


Thank you Coillte and members on the ground who cooperated with the delivery!

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