Honeybee Forage video series – by Eddie Hill

“Honeybee Forage” Video Series – by Eddie Hill

Eddie Hill

Eddie Hill

If you’ve previously read the IBAclg newsletters, you are likely familiar with the writing contributions of North Kildare member, Eddie Hill. 

Eddie has worked in all aspects of Horticulture, Plant importation, Nurseries, Landscape Design and Garden Maintenance. He is currently employed as a Craft Gardener with the Office of Public Works at the Pearse Museum Rathfarnham, Dublin.

Eddie has a keen interest in all aspects of Natural History. He manages Honey Bees at his own Apiary in Co Kildare and at the Pearse Museum in Dublin.

He is also involved with the all-Ireland Pollinator Plan, he monitors three transects on a monthly basis submitting Bumblebee records to Biodiversity Ireland.

Eddie has been credited with re-discovering Bombus vestalis in June 2014 which was the first sighting since 1926 when they were last recorded in Bagnelstown, Co Carlow. He is also the IBAclg representative on the All Ireland Honey bee strategy committee.

Over the years, Eddie has provided our IBA newsletter, as well as a number of other Irish beekeeping publications, many thoroughly researched and nuanced articles on a variety of topics as would interest the beekeeping community at large.

Not satisfied with the limitation of text, Eddie challenged himself at the end of 2020 to move into the medium of video, starting with a monthly web series devoted to the trees and plants that provide forage for bees and pollinators.

At the time of writing, Eddie has published 5 videos regarding Honeybee Forage. You can find these below, on his series Facebook page, or dedicated YouTube channel. If you would like to follow the series, please do subscribe to the platform that suits you.