Giant Hogweed by Alan Forskitt

Giant Hogweed

by Alan Forskitt, H&S officer

Hogweed image

As we are often in rural areas and despite attempts to eradicate this plant, we have a fair chance of bumping into it. If you see it, NEVER touch it.

It can be reported to NWPS as it is an invasive species.

Their details are on the following link:
Giant Hogweed in Ireland

Also be aware that the mature plant is up to 5m high but the young plants look much like native hogweed which itself can also conjure up allergic reactions in some people. Some of the other umbellifer family still have the ability to inflict injury on us, despite celery being a vegetable it is one of the main food allergies and hemlock is another of its cousins.
As a rule of thumb, if you don’t know it is safe, leave it well alone.

Video on BBC website – how to treat a Hogweed burn

Alan Forskitt
Health & Safety Officer
IBA clg