There are three levels at which evaluation in education is set at the moment: preliminary, intermediate, and senior.

To begin with the Preliminary cert, please choose an option below for either an IBA member or a nonmember. Once the order is received, you will be emailed by the Education Officer with the next steps. There are exams at each of these levels and certification is granted accordingly.

Beekeeping Certificate order form

At the Preliminary level, there is a written and practical/ apiary-based skills test. And at both Intermediate and Senior levels there are two exams one in Husbandry and the other in Scientific. The syllabus of topics examined at these levels is available below.

The detail of knowledge of beekeeping and practice required for these exams is different. In senior, a deeper knowledge and understanding of the subject is required. In Intermediate knowledge and understanding of beekeeping is also required but in less detail.

It is envisaged that every alternate year there is an exam in Husbandry at Senior and Intermediate levels followed by the alternate year of Intermediate Husbandry and Scientific.

How the beekeeping exam system runs?

There are exams at three levels: beginner, intermediate and senior.
The Beginners certification comprises a written theory part and a practical part. The practical is completed in the association apiary [or elsewhere] under supervision of a committee member of the home association.

Both Intermediate and Senior are completed in two separate written exams: beekeeping husbandry and beekeeping scientific.

In any one year only one level of exam is completed by the candidate so all certificates may be completed over a minimum of three years. This allows for the craft of beekeeping to become established in the beekeeper.

Payment is made on the IBA CLG website. The exams are held in a room/hall in September each year. Some years may see exams organised for April also depending on the need.

Beekeeping Certificate order form