We are dedicated to promoting and advancing the practice of beekeeping by offering a range of lectures, workshops, and certification exams for beekeeping enthusiasts and professionals.

Our aim is to provide a deep understanding of the biological facts and principles of beekeeping in Ireland and to enhance skills in modern beekeeping practices. Additionally, our extensive library of beekeeping books, DVDs, and magazines is available for members to borrow, making it easier for them to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest developments in the field. 

Lectures and workshops

The IGAclg offers many lectures and workshops for members, interested parties and general public.
These can be held in person or online and the fee varies.

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Certifications & exams

Having a certification from a respected source is a stamp of quality. 
Gaining a certificate requires you to study the latest technologies and cutting-edge research in the field. This will help you stay current on all the best work practices. Obtaining the certificate often involves attending some form of classes or seminars with other field practitioners. This gives learners the chance to talk to others and develop networks of mutual value. Certifications are a particularly unbiased barometer of skills achieved. Certification may lead to employment opportunities.

Exams and certificates offered by IBAclg

The aims of the syllabus

  • To contribute to the learners & general education through their involvement in the process of beekeeping practice and the acquisition of biological knowledge and understanding of the honey bee and the colony of bees.
  • To encourage in learners an attitude of inquiry, curiosity, and self-discovery through:
    •  Individual study and personal initiative
    •  Teamwork
    •  Instructor-led work
  • To develop an understanding of biological facts and principles of beekeeping
  • To enhance an interest in and develop an appreciation of the nature and diversity of organisms and their interconnectivity
  • To create an awareness of the application of biological knowledge to modern beekeeping as it affects society, social, economic, environmental, industrial, agricultural, medical, waste management, and other contexts
  • To develop in students an ability to make informed evaluations about contemporary beekeeping issues
  • To allow beekeepers to develop their skills and acquire new ones.
  • It gives adults a chance to retrain, which is particularly important to people who will need to work past pension age and need support to train for a new role.


The IGAclg has an extensive library with beekeeping books, DVDs and magazines available to members to borrow. Books will be lent for the period of one month.

If you want to keep them for longer please inform us, and if no-one else is waiting for them you will be accommodated. This service is free to members of the IBA CLG and your only expense will be postage. The books will be posted to you and once you are finished please post them back.

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