Donation Drive for Pieta House – by Stephen Gallagher

Beeswax Donation Drive for Pieta House – by Stephen Gallagher

Stephen Gallagher

Stephen Gallagher

A few weeks ago, Pieta House ran their annual “Darkness into Light” donation drive, where participants walk from darkness into light very early in the morning.  This initiative is to raise vital funds for Pieta’s important lifesaving work helping those in need with their mental health. 

Covid-19 has undoubtedly put extreme pressure on many people across our country over the last year, and it is highly likely that this pressure will exist on people for many years, and as a result, on the demands of service that Pieta House offers. 

As important an issue that this is, what benefit can be derived from the beekeeping community you may ask?

Pieta House burn through an awful lot of candles during their in house services, candles that are used to set a comforting ambiance to those who are seeking help. Due to the prohibitive costs of beeswax candles, the paraffin kind must suffice. 

Wouldn’t it be lovely, if some of those candles being lit were the beeswax kind, that throw off that magical scent that nearly instantly lifts ones mood? It can be the tiniest of details that can help another human, and maybe we can offer that smallest gesture of kindness to our fellow human with the fruits of our hives.

So how can you help? 

We would ask that you consider collecting up about 100g of beeswax over the course of the season (enough to fill a regular envelop) and simply posting it to us. 

Ideally this wax is free from debris, (please nothing with honey or bees in them).

We will then process this wax into small tea light candles, and donate them to Pieta House “from the Beekeepers of Ireland”, and just maybe, that small token may aid in someones recovery back to well. 

If you would like to contribute, please collect up wax over the season and when ready to post, contact us on our Facebook page

Pieta House accomplish incredible work, and if we all chip in just a little bit, maybe we can contribute something meaningful. Due to Brexit, there is a national shortage of foundation, it is understood that beeswax is more valuable than ever. If you can spare just a small amount, we would be hugely appreciative.

If you would like to donate directly to Pieta House, you can do so at this link.