Chairpersons Address – by Derek Hanley

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Chairpersons Address – by Derek Hanley

Derek Hanley - Chairperson IBAclg

Derek Hanley – Chairperson IBAclg

Chairperson’s Address to members.

As Chair of the Board of Directors of IBA clg the honour falls to me to welcome you all to our re-launched Newsletter, Webpage and Logo.

While the honour falls to me, I have done very little of the work involved in the preparation and launch of our new branding.

As I have found out in the past, it is a very dangerous thing to start thanking individuals for their huge contribution to particular projects, but it would be remiss of me not to thank Stephen our Technology Officer and Director for the work done in building our new website and the new Editor of our Newsletter Myfanwy Blissett.

Myfanwy will be ably assisted by Elspeth Hall for the Newsletter. We also plan to post out an Annual Magazine to every member at no extra charge, and Lotte Bender will manage the Magazine production, many thanks to all the new people getting involved in making IBA clg a better Association.

I also should thank our PRO Colette for managing the change to a new logo.

A quick explanatory note about the Board of Directors of IBA clg and the various “Officers” of the Association might be in order. Directors are elected at the AGM of the Association. There can be up to nine Directors, currently there are seven.

At the first meeting of the Board of Directors after the AGM, the Board elects a Chairperson from the Directors. Other “Officer” jobs including Secretary, Treasurer and PRO are appointed by the board, these may or may not be Directors of the Association.

At every AGM, one third of the Directors must retire, but they may allow their names to go for re-election again. This is to try to have a continual stream of new and more experienced Directors on the Board. At the next AGM three of our Directors have indicated their intention to retire.

My predecessor as Chairperson, Jacqui Glisson, who as a GP has been extremely busy for over a year on far more important issues, will retire as a Director but will, I hope, continue as a member of the Education Sub-committee. I must thank her for her incredible dedication to IBA since it’s foundation, and also for her hard work over the past year keeping us all safe, very many thanks Jacqui.

Our Secretary, Garrett Dempsey is in the process of handing over the role of Secretary to Peter McEvoy of Collis Sandes Association in Tralee. The Board have co-opted Peter in as secretary, this to be confirmed at our next AGM. Peter will be assisted by Damian MacAodha, also of Collis Sandes Association.  Garrett will continue in the role of Membership Secretary but intends to retire as a Director.

We are all incredibly grateful to Garrett for his experience as a Company Secretary and his efficiency as Secretary of the Board.

I also intend to retire as Chairperson and as a Director.

Last year, after about 16yrs a beekeeper, I developed a severe allergic reaction to bee venom! I have had to say goodbye to all of my bees… Because of this I will be stepping back from all of my beekeeping activities. While I may no longer keep bees, I will always consider myself a beekeeper. I earnestly hope to keep all of my beekeeping friendships! 

So in order for the Board of Directors to maintain it’s current number, and ideally to increase the number so as to spread the workload, we need new directors. We are very lucky to have some very good people working away in the background, and doing so very efficiently, Denis as treasurer, Caroline and Pauline on the Education Sub-committee, John as Secretary of the Independents group and up to recently Gearoid as Membership Secretary (I really hope I’m not leaving anybody out, I know I said I wasn’t going to do this!) It is so wonderful to see Myfanwy, Elspeth, Lotte, Peter and Damian coming on board and helping with the work of IBA.

It is at Board of Director level that all important decisions relating to the running of the IBA and spending or not spending your money are made. Between AGMs it is the Board of Directors that meet to decide the business of the Association. We need new Directors….

I mentioned spending your money. Because of the restrictions on movement and other activities, we have accumulated a substantial sum of your money. One of the criticisms that has been made of IBA and an observation that has come through our recent survey is that all of our Newsletters are electronic and therefore we are not communicating effectively with some of our membership.

We are addressing this in two ways.

Firstly we will produce one annual Magazine and post it out to all of our members. In order to do this we must have a complete and accurate list of all of our members. I appeal to all of our Association Secretaries to work with Garrett to ensure that we can get the magazine out to everybody. In relation to all of the other Newsletters, we will continue to inform everybody when the Newsletter comes out electronically.

For those that for whatever reason cannot access the electronic version the Board of Directors propose to purchase a printer for every Affiliated Association so that copies of the newsletter can be printed off for those in every association that are unable to access the electronic version.

Details of this proposal will be sent to Association Secretaries as soon as the final details are worked out by the board. If any Affiliated Association has a proposal as to how we should spend our money, please bring a proposal to the AGM. 

I hope the new look and all of the work that has gone in to producing it is liked and appreciated by our members. The purpose of the re-branding is to try to reach a bigger audience. We are endeavouring to reach a larger proportion of our members through the new format of the Newsletter and the magazine.

We are trying to connect with both our members and a wider beekeeping community with our new website and on social media. Let us know what you think either through social media or if it’s easier maybe a “Letter to the Editor” of our Newsletter.

It has been a great honour to be Chairperson of this evolving Beekeeping Association. It has been such a strange time to try to guide the association through a worldwide pandemic with such unforeseen restrictions on movements and activities.

We as a Board of Directors have tried our best to do right for our members. We were never going to please everybody all of the time, but we have tried to do the right things.  I hope we have achieved that.

Wishing you all a good beekeeping season,


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