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Winter Seasonal Notes

January Periodically heft the hives to assess the stores and feed fondant if necessary, avoid moving the crown board by using an eke or empty super if needed. Buy and build any equipment for the coming year and paint and repair any spare equipment. [Keep an eye on sales from suppliers.] Attend any Association meetings. Listen to any speakers and more experienced beekeepers to swap ideas and gain information. Prepare a book or sheets for […]

The Munster Agricultural Show 2021

The Munster Agricultural Show is a multi-category competition that has been running for over a century. For 2021, the organising Committee decided to add a honey tasting event to their autumn schedule, specifically, a honey tasting competition known as the ‘Black Jar’ honey competition. The Black Jar honey competition is a “taste only” judgement, where aesthetics of one’s entry are totally ignored, and the best tasting honey is the winner. During a standard honey show, […]