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NUIG Bee Research Survey

NUIG Bee Research Survey NUIG Bee Research Survey Please consider following the link below to the survey from Grace McCormack of NUIG. Everything is explained in the following text and Grace will be only too happy to answer any questions. Dear Beekeeper, In recent years some beekeepers in Ireland have begun to monitor levels of Varroa in their hives and to only treat colonies that are not controlling Varroa themselves. Some beekeepers have colonies […]

An Efficient Production of Bee Colonies by Flemming B. Thorsen

December Book Review “An Efficient Production of Bee Colonies”,  Author Flemming B. Thorsen Flemming B. Thorsen, a commercial beekeeper who concentrates on breeding pure Danish Buckfast bees. There are no pure English Buckfast bees in Denmark anymore, but he continues to use the methods of Brother Adam from Buckfast Abbey in England Fleming is a commercial queen breeder and produces many new colonies every year.  He also breeds pure Carnica queens as well as a […]

Wildflower Meadows by Edward Hill

Wildflower meadows By Edward Hill, North Kildare BKA The planting of wildflower meadows has been encouraged to increase biodiversity and improve the aesthetic amenity of an area. In most garden centres and on-line there are many Wildflower mixes available promoting their benefit of increasing pollinator numbers by providing both Pollen and nectar availability. But how beneficial are they and what plants do they contain? I have looked at 17 different seed mixes from 5 different […]

Bee Genetics by Edward Hill

Bee Genetics By Edward Hill North Kildare BKA I always struggle with bee genetics. In today’s world scientists are able to decode the genes of various plants and animals. As humans, we are said to share 99% of our genes with chimpanzees. Most species are unique, basically we all share genes from our parents. Mothers contribute chromosomes from their eggs and fathers from their sperm, most of the animal kingdom operates on this principle. But […]