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Why I hate my bees by Millicent McNaught

Why I hate my bees by Millicent McNaught   I close them up for the winter, I slope my shoulders at everything being done for the season. I have attended to the apiary for the last time, before cluster, stiffened to attention and saluted my girlfriends and informed them that our next date will be when the dandelions show their yellow faces. The time for warm fires and hot toddies is upon us. We have […]

Obstacles to Coexistence by Jude Walsh

Honeybees and Farmers, Obstacles to Co- existence By Jude Walsh, Ballina, Co Mayo     Honeybees and the environment seem to be the buzz words presently. However, farming on designated land seems to bring about a lot of contradictions. The Department of Agriculture under the new CAP rules, seems to bring this to the fore. They make differences between eligible and ineligible land. They see only eligible land as being land used in traditional ways, […]

Bees & Space by Eddie Hill

Bees & Spaceby Eddie Hill, North Kildare BKA Did you know that on 25th December 1810 Lorenzo L Langstroth was born? This year celebrates the 207th anniversary of his birth. He is credited with having revolutionised the beekeeping industry with his 1852 patented moveable frame hive and his manual,” The Hive and the Honeybee “His discovery of bee space and the invention of the moveable frame hive in Philadelphia would change the face of beekeeping […]

Dancing in the Dark by Jacqui Glisson

Does the waggle dance work in a large colony? By Jacqui Glisson, West Cork Beekeepers’ Association There is nothing like the festive season to bring home the difficulties of communicating in a house full of people. Ever tried to ask some-one to pass the salt during the Christmas meal? It requires some determination and a fair bit of perseverance. So how do bees in large colonies manage to communicate? We know that when honeybees are […]