Established in October 2017, the Irish Beekeepers’ Association clg has rapidly grown to nearly 1500 members across the country, made up from local affiliate associations and independent members in Ireland.

The IBAclg is staffed purely by volunteers who bring with them their individual industry and career skills, in order to improve beekeeping in Ireland for all. We always welcome new volunteers who are kind enough to contribute their time & expertise.

Our ethos is to be open, fair and transparent, and we practice this by offering our most valuable assets, knowledge and information, as freely as possible; be it in our newsletters, events or webinars to members and non members alike.

We aim to make the IBAclg as welcoming to its members and as approachable as it can be.

If you, or your association has a beekeeping issue you need help with, please do get in contact.
We will do our best to assist you.

The Board of Directors of the IBAclg

Our Mission Statement

  • To be open, fair, and transparent in all our actions for our members and to promote Beekeeping for all Beekeepers.
  • We hope to create an environment of mutual respect and understanding so that no beekeeper ever feels marginalised or ostracised because of the type of bee they keep.


  1. To foster the skills of beekeeping, in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  2. To offer affordable group insurance cover to Our Members both in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  3. To offer education which allows members to pursue a syllabus with internationally recognised qualifications.
  4. To offer support and assistance in the field of relevant apiculture research.
  5. To offer information and Public Events to increase public awareness of the importance of honey bees and pollinating insects in our environment.
  6. To liaise with Civil and Public Bodies and other Organisations for the benefit of Members of the IBA CLG.

We support and endorse the All-Ireland Pollinator plan

The IBA clg reserves the right to reject an application for membership.

Meet the Team

The IBA Board of Directors are elected by our membership at our AGM’s. The roles are voluntary and with term limits. 

Directors take on specialist responsibilities within the IBA. We also have a number of non director roles and sub committees within our organisation.